What should I bring to FLYSAFE

  1. Simulator – (if you own one). We recommend REAL FLIGHT 7. If you already own it, or plan to purchase it in advance, bring it along with the controller and laptop with it installed. If you do not own it, we will have them available for purchase at the training.

  2. Laptop – If you have one, bring it. Complimentary WiFi will be provided.

  3. Money – We will have simulators, clothing and other things for purchase. (Credit Cards are preferred)

  4. Ground Transportation – We do not provide ground transportation so rent a car or be prepared to catch a taxi or carpool.

  5. Skills – We have everyone from professional pilots to individuals brand new to RC. Come prepared to learn and help others learn.

  6. Academy of Model Aeronautics MEMBERSHIP – You must have it in order to fly at the field, and to be FLYSAFE compliant.


What mode do you test in?

At FLYSAFE we teach and test in Mode 2.

Can I bring my own aircraft/equipment to the event?

If you are confident in your piloting skills and wish to use your own aircraft for the flight test, you will be permitted to do so. The practical test is conducted without the use of GPS, so it must be disabled during your test. In extremely windy conditions, we may offer exceptions to the GPS rule. We do suggest you do NOT bring your aircraft/equipment to the first 2 days of the event. You will not be permitted to fly outside the venue, and the only actual flying done is at the AMA field on the last day of training. There is simply not enough room for everyone to bring their equipment to the classroom sessions.

Where do I register FAA ground school (if included in your registration)?

You will be provided a registration link via email AFTER the weekend is completed. There will be a short segment during the weekend on how to use the course.

Do I need experience?

If you have little experience flying, we suggest you get a simulator and start flying. Our flight examiner will be testing flying skills on Sunday morning. We do not guarantee any sort of results. Your certification will be based on the abilities you display. Flying is like any skill, for some people it comes very naturally, and others have to work at it. If you do not pass the Flight Exam, you will have up to one year to retake the test. Some people plan to find and hire a pilot for their operation. Some people like to fly. The Flight Exam is not mandatory but will be offered to all participants on Sunday at the AMA sanctioned field. to learn more about the examclick here. 

Do I need and AMA membership?

To Take the flight exam at the AMA field, you MUST be an AMA member. We also require that you are an active and current AMA member to get your flight certificate. You can get your AMA membership HERE. Please print it off, and bring it with you. It is VERY IMPORTANT. YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO TAKE THE FLIGHT TEST WITHOUT PROOF OF AN AMA MEMBERSHIP. It MUST be the FULL adult membership. NOT the Park Pilot Program.

Where can I find information on the hotel and venue?

Check out the Conference Info page on the website to find information about the host hotel and venue information.

Is this an FAA Certification?

FLYSAFE is proud to be an independent certification, not a government certification. The FAA has not yet released training standards or protocols for education, so we developed a comprehensive system of our own. This is not an FAA approved course however it is the most inclusive and up to date training in the industry today. We are sure of your satisfaction and have over 200 students worldwide who agree…FLYSAFE is the best training out there.

Can I just attend one or two of the days

You may attend whatever portion of the course you wish, however, you will be tested on the material trained on throughout the weekend. There are no per-day-rates available. The tuition is the same regardless.

I have already attended FLYSAFE. Can I attend again?

We encourage you to attend FLYSAFE more than once. With the technology evolving at the rate it is, there is always more learning to do. If you are a graduate of a past course, you may purchase a graduate pass for a reduced rate.

Do I have to bring my ticket to check in?

Yes. You must bring your event ticket to the event to check in.

Can I record or videotape the event?

FLYSAFE material is copyrighted material. Recording audio, video or taking photos of slides or images is strictly prohibited. You may take photos and personal videos of the event for social media and social sharing, but not of the content.

Can I just visit the exhibitors and not attend the class?

At this point, we do not offer an exhibit-only pass, however it is something we will offer in the near future at upcoming events.

What if I fail the written or practical exam?

Fear not! Flying is a skill that takes time to develop. We provide you up to one year after your written exam, to pass the flight test. Don’t worry, you don’t have to come to us to do a re-take. Simply contact us, and we will setup a test via Skype or Facetime. Remember that you can increase your skills and chances of passing the flight portion if you spend your time practicing on RealFlight7.5 or other simulator. If you are looking for more information about the tests, check out the Exam Prep page on the website.

I have more questions. Where can I get more answers?

Our staff is small, and so busy planning the training that we do not have time to take all of the phone calls that come in. If you have questions, please email them to Derek (flysafederek@gmail.com) or submit them on the website. This will ensure we get all of your questions answered.