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The FLYSAFE certification consists of a 60 question multiple choice written exam, along with a practical flight exam performed at a local flying field. Here is some information to make preparing for the test, easy.

The Written Exam
The written exam consists of 60 questions, taken on your own computer, that covers the content covered at the course. The content tested on includes: FLYSAFE Guidelines, battery technology, flight mechanics, basic understanding of the equipment, airframes, and more. Don’t sweat, if you are paying attention during the general sessions and ask questions to clarify if you don’t understand something, you should have no problem passing the test. The average score on the written exam is 92%.

The Flight Exam
The flight exam consists of a 5-8 minute flight with a designated FLYSAFE pilot examiner. During this exam, you will be asked to take off, fly a series of maneuvers around 4 cones in a square-like configuration spaced approximately 15-20 feet apart. The flying will be done without the assistance of any GPS (exceptions may be made for days with wind over 10 knots).You will be asked to fly nose-in, nose out, and from cone to cone in any orientation the examiner requests. You should also know that you will be tested on a multirotor with a buddy box, incase of any mistakes. If you choose to take the test on your own aircraft, you will not be provided a buddy box. Please be sure of your ability to fly if you choose to bring your own aircraft. Anything deemed as a potential loss of control, accidental fly aways, or dangerous actions will result in failure of the test. We recommend buying a flight simulator such as RealFlight7.5 to start practicing. Remember that learning to fly takes time. Invest your time in flying a simulator and your chances of passing are much better.

What if I fail?
Fear not! Flying is a skill that takes time to develop. We provide you up to one year after your written exam, to pass the flight test. Don’t worry, you don’t have to come to us to do a re-take. Simply contact us, and we will setup a test via Skype or Facetime. Remember that you can increase your skills and chances of passing the flight portion if you spend your time practicing on RealFlight7.5 or other simulator.

Study Tips
1. Focus on flying: the best thing you can do is learn to fly to the best of your abilities before you come to FLYSAFE. Get a simulator and fly, fly fly. We recommend avoiding the use of GPS while you are practicing (real or simulated). This helps you learn to fly, and not lean on the GPS.

2. Read the guidelines: FLYSAFE Guidelines are listed on the website. Study them. They are the Guidelines you will adhere to as you move forward. They are also included in some of the written test material.

FLYSAFE is a fun, action packed course designed to help you get where you want to go. Come prepared, and leave happy.