Heavy Lift Cinema Drones

Heavy Lift Cinema Drones

We have been more and more impressed with the Freefly Systems heavy-lift drones designed specifically to carry the heaviest and most expensive digital cinema cameras on the market. When is comes to high-quality, industrial strength professional equipment Freefly is hard to beat.
ALTA 8 flysafe ALTA 8 flysafe_1flysafe ALTA mounts

The ALTA line consists of the ALTA 6 and the brand new ALTA 8. These multi-rotor copters have been diligently designed to be compact, reliable, powerful and precise confidently lifting payloads ranging from 15 to 20-pounds. Not only can they lift these high payloads but they do so with a great deal of control and efficiency achieving flight times of over 10:00-minutes at gross-weight and well beyond that with less weight with industry leading useful load capacities. Other features include: automatic data logging, quick release mounts, weather resistant enclosures, top (SkyView) and bottom camera mounting placement.

flysafe ALTA skyview flysafe ALTA compactALTA 8 flysafe_3
The ALTA 8 folds to 50% of its operating size. 

The ALTA is controlled by the state-of-the-art SYNAPSE flight controller allowing users to execute complex maneuvers and precise flight positioning with ease. Other features include: real time velocity limits, multi-sensor height hold, customized return to home and live graphing. Additionally available for further programming and tuning is the ALTA App giving pilots critical flight information on their Apple and Android mobile devices.

Built to fly. Made with care.
flysafe ALTA flight times flysafe ALTA synapse flysafe ALTA flying

Equally as impressive as the copters are the MoVI 3-axis gimbals creating super stable and smooth remote camera control movements. Currently there are three MoVI gimbals in the line up, the M5, M10 and M15 each suited for a different class of camera sizes.

From case to filming in minutes. 

It should be no surprise that advanced technology and precision hardware such as this doesn’t come cheap, especially given the capabilities, reliability and extensive testing. And remember the cost of the cameras it is entrusted to carry, usually ranging between $30,000-100,000. It pays, literally, to have the right stuff. Level: Advanced-Professional

ALTA 6 – starting at $11,995
ALTA 8 – starting at $17,495
MoVI M5 – starting at $2,995
MoVI M10 – starting at $7,995
MoVI M15 – starting at $11,995

Several accessory pieces are available for each setup as well as discounts and instant rebates when bundling products. For more pricing information visit the Freefly Store.

Lastly, we want to share a picture from our friends at Copter Kids LLC out on location at a recent shoot in Hawaii with the ALTA 8.
flysafe copter kids llc

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