InterDrone 2015 – FLYSAFE

InterDrone 2015 – FLYSAFE

InterDrone 2015 FLYSAFE
FLYSAFE and over 3,000 others descended to Las Vegas for InterDrone 2015 this week for the world’s largest drone convention and expo! FLYSAFE Instructor Charles Eide taught a segment on ‘Starting an Aerial Photography Business’  with a packed room of excited drone enthusiasts. The event was kicked off with a keynote delivered by 3DR Founder and CEO Chris Anderson who painted a grand picture of the enormous potential that this industry has, comparing it to where computing was before it reached the hands of the public in everyday usable forms. Anderson’s main point was that the large exponential growth will come when the technology (the supply) reaches the hands of the everyday users who can discover unlimited and not yet known uses (the demand) thus creating even more demand. Anderson also added that, the drones of the future will rely and capitalize on cloud connectivity for real time data processing, sharing and analysis.

“In 2016, any drone that’s not running Linux on-board will be seen as a toy.”
Chris Anderson, 3DR Founder and CEO

FLYSAFE will be back in Las Vegas for the next FLYSAFE Training Event  followed by the FLYSAFE Instructor Academy.

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