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Heavy Lift Cinema Drones

We have been more and more impressed with the Freefly Systems heavy-lift drones designed specifically to carry the heaviest and most expensive digital cinema cameras on the market. When is comes to high-quality, industrial strength professional equipment Freefly is hard to beat. The ALTA line consists of the ALTA 6 and the brand new ALTA 8. These multi-rotor copters have been diligently designed to be compact, reliable, powerful and precise confidently lifting payloads ranging from 15 to 20-pounds. Not only can they lift these high payloads but they do so with a great deal of control and efficiency achieving flight times of over 10:00-minutes at gross-weight and well beyond that with less weight with industry leading useful load capacities. Other features include: automatic data logging, quick release mounts, weather resistant enclosures, top (SkyView) and bottom camera mounting placement. The ALTA […]

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FAA Drone Registration?

The Federal Aviation Administration announced that effective December 21, 2015, anyone who owns a UAV/UAS of a certain weight must register with the FAA’s UAS registry before they fly outdoors. People who previously operated must register by February 19, 2016. Failure to register could result in civil and criminal penalties. However, the Academy of Model Aeronautics, the largest body of aircraft modelers in the world on December 17, 2015 issued a contradictory statement (below) advising their +180k members not to register just yet. So what is the correct thing to do? This is the question everyone is asking. At this point in time there is not a single correct answer to this question and there will not be in the short-term. The safe integration and regulation of these UAS’s is going to take time and will need to clearly distinguish […]

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FLYSAFE Drone Training

Minneapolis Training 2016

FLYSAFE will kick off 2016 with its most popular Certified Training Event to be held January 29-30 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Have no worries an indoor flying facility will be used for the flight tests and the classroom sessions will be comfortably inside as well. Free Wifi will be available throughout the training.  Register by November 30th and save $99 using FLY99 promo code! The Minneapolis Marriott Northwest is close by and a great place to find a hotel room. 7025 Northland Dr N, Brooklyn Park, MN 55428 (763) 536-8300

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DJI Zenmuse X5 Camera Gimbal

The Future of Aerial Cameras – Zenmuse X5

World leading drone manufacturer DJI announced on Thursday, September 10th a revolutionary camera upgrade, the Zenmuse X5 & X5R, available now for their very popular Inspire1 quadcopter. This much anticipated announcement did not disappoint by any degree. The X5 offers a list of features that is quite extensive transforming the Inspsire1 platform into an entirely new unit with this upgrade at a price starting at $1,699 (without a lens). DJI has consistently led the industry with innovative product announcements such as this year, after year, after year. The Inspire1 was originally built with upgrades like this in mind making it a very versatile and long lasting unit. Camera technology advancement has kept with the rapid pace of the rest of the UAV industry making this a quick win for Inspire1 owners who want to make a small upgrade investment without a large […]

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FLYSAFE InterDrone 2015

InterDrone 2015 – FLYSAFE

FLYSAFE and over 3,000 others descended to Las Vegas for InterDrone 2015 this week for the world’s largest drone convention and expo! FLYSAFE Instructor Charles Eide taught a segment on ‘Starting an Aerial Photography Business’  with a packed room of excited drone enthusiasts. The event was kicked off with a keynote delivered by 3DR Founder and CEO Chris Anderson who painted a grand picture of the enormous potential that this industry has, comparing it to where computing was before it reached the hands of the public in everyday usable forms. Anderson’s main point was that the large exponential growth will come when the technology (the supply) reaches the hands of the everyday users who can discover unlimited and not yet known uses (the demand) thus creating even more demand. Anderson also added that, the drones of the future will rely and […]

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Who Will Win The Consumer Drone Manufacturing War? [INFOGRAPHIC]

With talk of China’s slowing economy and talks of a trade war between China and the US intensifying, The Cam Critic decided to take a look at the state of consumer drone manufacturing in each country to see who is currently on top. The answer may surprise you… Note: In order to enlarge the infographic, click it once, then click the “enlarge icon”, which looks like for arrows pointing outward. Thanks The Cam Critic for a great infographic! Find out more on the Drone industry at our FLYSAFE | Las Vegas event. Click Here to learn more!

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AMA Responds to FAA’s Drone Sighting Report

The AMA has been supporting hobbyist since 1935! Their continued support is helping the FAA find a neutral ground for the new laws they want need to put in place for commercial “drones”. Interesting article posted from the AMA.   The Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) has released a detailed analysis of the data alluded to in the FAA’s August 12 press release, “Pilot Reports of Close Calls with Drones Soar in 2015.”  A close examination of the 764 records reveals a more complex picture of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS)activity in the United States than initial headlines suggested. There are military crashes and a UFO sighting in the data. Only a fraction of the records were legitimately reported “close calls”and “near misses.” Some didn’t involve drones at all.AMA’s analysis, “A Closer Look at the FAA’s Drone Data,” was included in Monday morning’s USA Today: “Drone hobbyists find flaws in […]

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Intel’s $60 MILLION investment into Yuneec

FLYSAFE is excited to see one of its sponsors, Yuneec partner with Intel! The growing company has proven itself as a competitor to the leading DJI company. Intel Corp. has invested more than $60 million into Yuneec International Co., a Shanghai-based drone and aerospace company, as a broad range of technology companies investigate the possible commercial uses of unmanned aircraft. Venture capitalists and companies are investing in drone technology on the expectation that unmanned aerial vehicles will prove beneficial for consumers and industrial customers. Amazon.com Inc. and Google Inc. are developing drones to deliver products to consumers. Yuneec’s Chinese rival SZ DJI Technology Co. raised $75 million from Accel Partners in May. “At Intel we believe in a smart and connected world. And one of the best ways to bring that smart and connected world to everyone and everywhere has been drones,” […]

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FLYSAFE is once again headed to beautiful and exciting Las Vegas, November 13-15 for the ultimate hands-on drone training event of the year! Join over 150 others to experience the industries most in-depth and rigorous training and certification in just 3-Days time.  You will learn and hear from some of the biggest leaders including, UAV Experts, The Academy of Model Aeronautics, Go Professional Cases, Yuneec, Copter Kids LLC, Atlanta Hobby, Mad Labs Industries, ThunderPower, and many more!  The EXPO experience open each day gives everyone the opportunity to meet face to face with the top distributors, manufactures, and producers from across the entire industry. They will help you understand what applications are best for you, answer questions and provide you with professional expertise unlike any other opportunity.   Complementary computer flight simulators are available all three days of the event for students […]

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FLYSAFE | Chicago Recap!

FLYSAFE was a success. We had the opportunity to educate our students with the best minds in the industry! Tons of students got to meet sponsors and build a life relationship. Questions were answered and friends were made. It was great to see everyone connecting and building their network, while soaking in an incredible amount of knowledge! As we found out, it was not easy to complete the FLSYAFE course but with perseverance and some fun everyone managed to do a great job. We have to give a special thanks to the most kind hearted and great company, GO PROFESSIONAL CASES. If you are looking to protect your investment (some call it a drone) GPC is the best company to protect and prevent damage to what ever you are flying! We love their love for their customers. The product speaks for […]

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